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They may think our adult pranks are funny or they may take it seriously, one thing is for certain, with our adult pranks you’re going to get your point across in a unique way with great felicity. These adult gag-gifts are meant to make your heart happy. With that being said, there has to be someone around you that needs a boost of confidence or needs to ‘man up’ and grow some balls. Order a set today and send out a pair balls to someone that may really need them. Who knows, you may just make someone’s day because it takes a lot of balls to get through what a lot of us go through everyday 🙂

You’ve found one of the best adult pranks online!

So let’s get started. 1st and foremost our – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this site for real?
A. It most certainly is. Like anything else, you pay for a service/product and we’re going to deliver said service/product better than anyone else.

Q. What does it mean to grow a pair?
A. It means to “man up” to find the courage within yourself to do what needs to be done. Don’t be a baby about it. … The literal meaning is growing some testicles, like these. In slang terms, it means to be tough and stand up for your convictions. Grow up, man up, stand up. Shoot, buy a pair for yourself as an inspiration and carry them in your pocket telling yourself ‘I got this’.

Sending Adult Pranks

Q. Who could I possibly send a pair of balls to?
A. Since we send them anonymously, send them to all your x’s, male, female, trans…your teachers, your boss, your coworkers, the janitor. Know someone too scared to come forward and face up to something? Send them some balls, The Real Nutz would be best in that case. Have a girlfriend too scared to leave her ol’ man, send her some balls, she’ll get the picture. What about the baby’s daddy or momma, they don’t do anything mostly because they don’t have the balls to. Send them some. Or the guy or girl too scared to ask you or your friend out. You know why they don’t, and do you know what they need? Cuz they don’t have the balls to, send them some.

Q. But why would I want to send a set of balls to someone?
A. The answer is simple. Adult pranks that send a message. There are many scenarios where the answer to someone’s question would be to grow a set of balls. The person may just need to ‘man up’ and accept responsibility for something they’ve done. Or they may need a boost of confidence for an upcoming occasion ie; court, interview, a large project to tackle.

Q. Will the recipient know the balls/nuts/saks came from me?
A. Not unless you tell them! Due to the fact that the balls are sent out in a plain bubble wrap envelope with our own return address there’s no way for the recipient to know it’s you that they came from.

Q. Can I send a set of balls to more than one person?
A. Of course! It’s impossible to know only one person that can use a set of balls. Therefore, once you’ve purchased our adult pranks, email mrnutz @ buyapair.com with the addresses that you would like the multiple orders sent to.

Q. Do you sell wholesale?
A. Hell Yes! Click here

Q. Still have questions?
A. Click here

Well you’ve finally made it to our Adult Pranks store part. Sit back, think about breaking someone’s balls and order away! Life is fun if you make it fun. This site isn’t meant to be mean or hurt someone’s feelings. It’s meant to bust their chops and send them the message to man-up and grow some balls!

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