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Please contact us directly via the form below. You can hit us with questions you can’t find answered on the website. You may want to just say hi and ask us how our day is going, or you may want to chew us out for sending you a bag of balls and we’re fine with that. Besides, you’re not the only one!!!

One thing you can’t request from us is who asked us to send you the package. You can bribe, threaten, scream, cry or even promise to name your 1st born after us. It’s not going to work. We’re sworn to secrecy. But hell, you’re welcome to try, we don’t mind using the words no, can’t do it, not going to happen, not in this life, sorry, go away….

But seriously, if you have any questions or concerns that don’t have to do with our customers, ask away!

If the form gives you a hassle, email us directly at mrnutz @